Friday, February 1, 2008


well it has been another month at the boot house and it has been nothing but excitement! i discovered that sofia now knows how to climb up our pantry shelves to get her most desired snacks. oh- this little girl is soooooo sneaky!!! i also discovered that she and annelies snuck up the whole kilo bag of winegums (a dutch snack) to the playroom  and finished off the bag. needless to say they were both complaining of stomach aches the rest of the night.

in other news, we got more trees cut down which translates to lots of huge piles of wood chips. the kids have enjoyed using there imagination and acting out scenes from there favorite movies or just playing and running or rolling around. 

the funniest thing by far was oliver recognizing that sofia was being naughty. he immediately went to my open dish washer, located the wooden spoon and chased sofia through the house to "spank her bum with the wooden spoon!"
annelies and i found this to be absolutely hysterical, but sofia did not find the humor in it.

annelies is quite the ballerina and loves to show it off every year at her schools circus performance. she was so graceful as she walked across the balance beam, jumped through the ring of fire and walked across the tight rope. 

well nico had a very fun season in basketball and tried very hard to impress his coach. this only lead to disappointment when his coach did not play him very much in there last tournament game that they ended up losing. nico was crushed and upset that he did not get to play much, but i think it was harder for me to see him so upset. oh the life lessons you must let your children learn. it is so hard to just stand by and watch them "suffer" through the many life lessons we all had to learn. luckily he woke up the next morning and had put the past behind him. it has been a fun month full of lots of excitement and i can only imagine what february will bring!!


The Tait Family said...

looks like what owen would do. he climbs up onto the counter and over to the stove and pushes the buttons on the microwave and oven. then he claps, he thinks he's doing something good. little stinker!

Colby Family said...

That is hilarious about Oliver chasing Sofia with the wooden spoon!!! I'd like to see that!

Joe, Mandy & Sierra Smith said...

ditto on the above comment!
i can just imagine little Oliver keeping the rest of the brood in line....haha

it's hard to be dutch and love basketball...Rob needs to take up golf and encourage Nico to follow suit! ;)

Rob, Shanna, and the Fabulous Five said...

that is actually a sport that the boys are very into!!! nico and jakob take golf lessons and love it.

Rboot said...

If Ollie was just doing what he see's, does that mean you and Robbie use the spoon on the kids? Poor Nico, he will try harder when he gets a bit older.