Tuesday, January 20, 2009


 I just love this picture!! Jakob is so love-able (most of the time). these are two of my favorite people!


To say the least Jakob was so excited for this day. we have been preparing him for this day for a while and he had told everybody that his Uncle Brett was baptizing him. We waited one month after his birthday so everybody from out of town would be there and his Uncle Brett would be home from his mission. I took some extra time to memorize the sign for the baptismal prayer so Jakob would understand what was being said. As soon as it was time for Brett to "dunk" Jakob, Jakob knew just what to do and then proceded to go swimming! it was so funny. he is quite the entertainer. it was a very spiritual day. 

after the baptism, we all went back to our house for some food and fun. Rob and Alex battled it out on guitar hero and we all got to watch! poor melanie took a spill on the basketball court and spent the rest of the day resting.


We had a very fun evening with my side of the family. it was a short break from the Boot clan, but the kids enjoyed baby Beckham and loved all the attention from Grammy and aunt Rissa and Uncle Scott. it was very relaxing and very low maintenance. We ate fruit salad and cold sandwiches. it was perfect and there were no dirty dishes. We got to see Becks take a few of his first steps and all the kids had so much fun opening more presents. Ollie got a new horse, Annelies got a body pillow from Grammy (just like the one at grammy's house), Nico got a collection of his favorite books, Grammy made Sofia a brand new blanket and Jakob got the gift he's been waiting for since AUGUST! power rangers jungle fury!!! he was so excited when he opened it and jumped up and down screaming POWER RANGERS JUNGLE FURY. it was very cute, especially when he started kissing the new DVD! 

back tracking.... SINTER CLAUS

we have a tradition to celebrate a holiday that rob grew up with as a child called Sinter Claus. it comes from Holland, where his dad is from. the kids hear stories and sing songs and the naught kid gets carried away in a sack by Sinter Claus's 'helper'. Jakob is usually the one getting carried away. it is a lot of fun and the kids look forward to Nanny and Poppy and of course the hot chocolate and speculas.... 

                                         Brett's new wakeboard from us. he was very excited

                                               Nanny and Poppy doing their puppet show

                        Jakob being carried away in the sack!