Wednesday, May 28, 2008


So, this past saturday we had some friends over to visit that we hadn't seen in a while. it was so nice to see them and chat for a while. with five crazy kids at toe and visiting with our guests as well, one of them was bound to say something horrifying!! leave it to annelies to be little miss talkative! she walks right up to my friend and says......"your teeth make you look like a donkey!". i was mortified and quickly responded with an explanation. how embarrassing and humiliating, i just wanted to hide. 

FYI- you know who you are, no hurt feeling. kids will be kids!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008





what a month of craziness! my last two weeks were spent hopping from three different schools for ballet recitals, preschool graduations, an end of the year party for jakob's class, a field trip for nico to the aquarium (that i don't have any pictures of b/c i couldn't take my camera! ugh!!), and last but not least, nico's end of the year party. whew!! i am ready for summer and so excited that i won't have to wake up by an alarm clock for the next few months. i cannot wait to go to the pool EVERY DAY,  and go camping and fishing with the kids, go the lake and maybe use my wakeboard (since i'm not pregnant this year!!) it is going to be a fun summer. YEAH!! NO MORE SCHOOL!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


So Friday night was father son camp out and rob took all three boys with him. The girls got to spend a fun night at Grammy's house and i had friday all to myself. i almost didn't know what to do with myself!! ALMOST. as soon as i got home from dropping the girls off, i rushed in and got dressed for an evening out with my friend Mollie. shopping and dinner was great. it was weird to come home to a completely silent house and no one to tuck into bed, but i survived.  i got the whole bed to myself and watch an incredibly GREAT CHICK FLICK and balled my eyes out. (if you haven't see p.s. i love you... go now, but make sure you have a box of tissues) waking up with no one prying my eyes open with there little fingers at 7:00 in the morning was fabulous. i slept in until 9 o'clock and went and got my nails done. how great is that. i had no one to answer to and no kids to load up in the car. JUST ME! that was a well needed break from every day life.  

Sunday, May 4, 2008


this was an amazing day. the boys and my brother and i went to the braves game and saw the braves slaughter the reds. before the game jakob and his baseball team (along with a ton of other little league teams) got to walk around on the field waving to the croud. it was amazing to be able to be on the field and see some of the players up close. jakob had a blast saying hi to the crowd and we all had fun looking out for fly balls. we sat right behind the right field and had a great view of the game (and jeff franceour)!


we had so much fun on saturday. we decided that we would take all the kids to the bowling alley. it is something that everyone can participate in and it is a fun activity that doesn't leave me in the hall with the two smaller children. ollie had a hard time taking turns and spent most of the time throwing a tantrum until it got to his turn again. all the kids loved it and it made for a GREAT family night



                                   ollie couldn't figure out which end had the bubbles

every year annelies' school has preschool olympics. they had so much fun and ollie and sofia got to join in on some of the fun. it wouldn't be annelies if she didn't fall during some of the events, but she had a lot of fun!


  I love this picture. the kids love to snuggle with rob!


                                            this is the front yard with all the new plants, 
                                            the grass will come in later!

                                           this is our new front patio with our potted flower

well, it has been a long process from bringing in about 30 loads of dirt to having my mother- in- law come and design our landscape. it is finally finished and the outcome is a beautiful front yard. now we are moving to the back and will be adding a sport court and eventually an outdoor kitchen. so- who wants to stay at our house over christmas!!?