Friday, February 20, 2009


Nico has always loved to draw and create things. this drawing in particular caught my attention and gave the family a little giggle, mostly because of the letter to aunt melissa! Nico~ you are the best and most inventive little boy. it is so fun to see how his little mind thinks. oh.... melissa, be sure and get this to him ASAP!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


like father, like son! isn't that the saying? today rob took nico and his friend JT to our land up north to do some four wheeling. the brush on the field was high and nico's 4 wheeler was hot! put the two together and you have a brush fire. the fire department was called in to put out the fire. needless to say they will have a lot to talk about at school on monday!

Friday, February 6, 2009


we have a true athlete in Jakob! he loves playing sports.... his favorites are baseball and bowling. this past fall when i got an email from the special olympics committe inviting Jakob to participate in bowling, i jumped at the chance. i knew Jakob would love it. little did i know that there would be NO BUMPERS!! Jakob had to make the bowling ball stay on the lane and actually hit the pins. i thought for sure this was going to be impossible for him. we went to all the practices and i watched his bowling score climb from single digits up to 60 and 70 points. so imagine my surprise on olympic day when he bowled good enough to win the silver metal. he was so excited to stand up on the podium and accept he metal!! way to go Jakob...... 

in the process of practicing and at our overnight stay at the double tree, Jakob developed a love interest in a little girl named emily. she of course being three years his senior, wanted nothing to do with him!


In the very cold month of January we got the news that grandma Boot was not doing well. in the past months we had planned for this, but weren't sure when it would take place. Rob did not take any chances and planned for a drive out to utah, not knowing how long he would be gone. he decided to take nico with him and also made the road trip with his dad. it was three generations of quality time! the long journey began and i received several phone calls to assure me that they were doing great. once in utah they spent lots of time visiting with grandma boot and hearing great stories from aunt anneka and anyone else that had something great to share about grandma boot. She was an amazing woman and was very special to so many people. she will be missed by everyone who ever had the pleasure of meeting her or hearing her speak. nico had such an amazing time out there visiting and having some time off from school. at one point he called me and asked if i could ship his stuff out to utah. he did not want to come home! 

*i wish i could have been at the funeral to say my goodbye's. i appreciated how welcome and 
  loved she always made me feel. i am just so happy that she is with HER nico again!!