Saturday, February 16, 2008


sofia's strip tease

angie, brooklyn, annelies, baby noah, alicia, sofia and me

all the kids

about a week ago i got to enjoy a girls night out with some friends of mine that i have known since KINDERGARTEN! we had so much fun eating, laughing, watching our kids play together (like we used to), and eat some more. in the middle of dinner sofia decided it would be fun to get undressed. the girl does not like to wear clothes. it was a great dinner and i love hanging out with my girls angie and alicia. i am so sad that alicia lives so far away and angie will be moving soon. who will cut my hair? 


Joe, Mandy & Sierra Smith said...

they say that whole "distaste for clothing" thing is hereditary.
wonder where Sofia picked it up....

Anonymous said...

strip for me Sofia your p-ssy is my dinner

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmmmm strip for me sweetie just do it nice and slow, watch me jerk off when I see your naked toddler body