Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I found this board idea HERE! i found a blog friend who could make it for me and i hung it on the wall. it has a section for each of the kids and a hook underneath with their initial to hang up their book bags. i LOVE it!!! it is a magnet board and a chalk board so i can write messages if i need to and i can keep up with each of the kids papers that come home from school. so far, it is successful! this summer i will incorporate their chores on the board.


in front of the statue of Joseph and Hyrum Smith

reflecting on the Well that Joseph fell onto outside of
the window he jumped out of the to escape the mob

this is the hole from the bullet that shot Hyrum

Carthage jail deserves a post all its own. i was so moved by the spirit that resides here and especially impressed by the preservation of it all. we were so fortunate to be able to tour the jail with just our family. it's an amazing experience to walk through the cooking area and the dining area and know and be able to envision the stories that we have heard about Joseph Smith's experience there at Carthage. Joseph and Hyrum often shared a meal with the family who owned the home that the prison was in and were well respected by them. it was an amazing experience to walk up the exact stairs that Joseph and the others must have done every day (they still have the original stair rail). i was especially moved by the spirit in the "dungeon room" where Joseph and Hyrum were held at the beginning of their imprisonment. they were later transferred to a bedroom where they would be more comfortable and eventually meet their fate. as we walked into this room, we noticed the hole in the door that has been preserved from when Hyrum was shot. we were able to hear wonderful stories of the Prophet and some of the experiences he had there. it was a very humbling experience and one of the most spiritual ones we had on our entire vacation. it was the perfect ending to a perfect family vacation.


before the carriage ride

in front of the temple at night!

the old school house.... this was a REALLY interesting site.

at the visitors center

We made the most of our stay in Nauvoo. we visited ALL of the cute little historical homes, took the carriage ride, the wagon ride, watched the AMAZING movie in the visitors center, we spent some time in the family living center where the kids learned how to make home made bread in a brick oven, make rugs from scraps of fabric, make a rope and a barrel and candles and see how they made pottery. we also visited the brick house and the kids got a Nauvoo brick to bring home. when we visited the black smith each of us got a "prairie diamond" which ollie thought was the coolest thing ever. the prairie diamond is a ring made from an old nail. i think the kids favorite activity was the Rendezvous in old Nauvoo. this is the cutest little "play" put on by all of the senior missionaries, the kids loved it so much that we saw it twice! we had an amazing time and i can't wait to go back soon.


the kids were intrigued by all of the amazing bridges that we got to cross, but when they saw the big Arch in St. Louis we had to get out and do some site seeing! they thought it was beautiful and again it was another chance to get out and stretch our legs.


On our way up to Nauvoo we made a stop in Kentucky for a field trial and then again on our way back. the kids and i were entertained with the local war museums around and playing in the large fields surrounding all the horse trailers. we had a great time and the kids loved being able to take a break from the long car ride.


i am FINALLY getting around to posting the boys pinewood derby photos. they had SO much fun creating these speedy cars with their dad and this time they actually got to be involved in the production process! Jakob created a spider man truck which won first place over the entire race and nico designed a perry the platapus car and won first place for his age group and 3rd place for the entire race. Ollie was able to participate after all of the official cars were run and he got to race his van halen car against his brothers! it was a fun and successful night for everybody.


these go way back to february, but i thought i would share anyways! the girls LOVED taking these valentines to all their friends and i had fun making them. i got the felt heart idea off another blog that i have fallen in love with and have gotten LOTS of great ideas from. and the girls new hair-bow holder came from another blog, but i forget where i saw it, but i really liked the idea! it is made out of an old frame that i had and some chicken wire and i have PLENTY of chicken wire!