Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Rob and I took the kids (the older 3) out of school for the day on friday and heading down to Plains, GA where we attended a field trial for the dogs. we rode on mule pulled carriages and each of the kids took their turn holding the reins to the mules. they had so much fun! it was cold, but very worth the family time. Nico ran his first field trial with Rocky.... unfortunately rocky ran off and the men on horses had to go track him. not so funny at the time, but we had a good laugh!


my awesome friend decorated the cake for Jakob! he LOVED it.
Jakob is ready to eat this cake!

Jakob and his best friends.... Eddie and Daniel.
Jakob and Eddie (from Atl. area school for the deaf)
it wouldn' t be a night with the boots without someone getting hurt. Jakob actually dropped a 12 pound ball on his foot! OUCH. nico and Eddie helped him limp out to the car.