Sunday, April 27, 2008


If you haven't heard about this book yet.... i suggest you go and get it. i have never been one to recycle anything or go organic or really be all that concerned about the environment. i know i should be and my kids are always talking about recycling, but to be honest.... what difference will it make?? well that is my old way of thinking, after seeing oprah and hearing about pestisides and all of the other damaging chemicals in our food, make-up, clothes, cleaning products, bedding and just about everything around us,  i have decided to change my ways. this book is a great start to getting there and it even has a website to help with any questions or advice you might need. it is an easy 8 step plan that is realistic and doesn't turn you into a crazy tree hugging environmentalist! i am learning what is safe for me and my family and even have plans to grow an organic garden in my yard. i am excited to learn more about what i can do to help and maybe i will make a difference in the health of my family. i have posted a link to the website under my favorites if you are interested. happy recycling and remember to stay GORGEOUSLY green. that is important!

incase you don't feel like looking at my favorite sites.... the link is!!

Friday, April 25, 2008


Did you ever have one of those days where everything you did went unnoticed? well- that in a nutshell explains my day, or maybe my life..... i clean, i change diapers, i wipe little noses, i kiss boo-boos, i applaud good behavior, i scrub a bathroom after a potty training toddler at-least once a day, i get everyone dressed, fed and ready for school, i do ALL the laundry....... you get my point. i am tired and yet no one notices. i guess i am just feeling sorry for myself for the few short minutes i have before i start on dinner. today i even went the extra effort and cleaned the garage because rob has been complaining about how awful it looks. my biggest complaint is when i do make such an effort that all the little things that i didn't do go NOTICED and then i just get bummed. i know it might sound ridiculous to some, but i don't care.... today this is how i feel and i thought instead of talking about how cute and great my kids are i would share a moment in the life of me! i guess in the just of it all, i am doing my job and that is all that is really important, right!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


This is what we found when we got home from vacation. Miley (our cat) successfully had 5 little kittens. right now they look like little rats, but the kids are in love. ANYONE WANT A CAT??



the boys meditating on the beach... 

Well needless to say we had an amazing time in Florida. the view of the beach from our condo was amazing and everything was so relaxing. we had GREAT food all week and have so many wonderful memories to last forever. some of the fun things we did were collecting shells, watch the dolphins, swimming, boogie boarding, building sand castles and shopping. the kids had so much fun learning there limits in the swimming pool. ollie and annelies both got very comfortable with the water. with the good comes the bad..... we broke a chair (jakob), pulled a fake drawer off the front of the cabinet (nico) and ollie spilled an entire bottle of nail polish on the balcony floor! the grand finale of the trip was the kids saying bye to the beach.... we all discovered that jakob cannot quite say beach, so he was saying bye to the 'BI*CH'! rob and i were laughing so hard. we had a great time and can't wait to go back!! anyone want to come with us?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


We arrived at the condo on saturday evening and are so pleased with how beautiful everything is. the condo is gorgeous and the beach is right outside our window. the sound of the beach from our condo is so soothing. we are in heaven..... even with the constant excitement of 5 kids at our feet. the break from everyday life is very much appreciated. the only downside to our trip so far is that the weather has been somewhat cloudy and windy. luckily the rest of our trip is supposed to be sunny and warm. cross your fingers!!! we got to enjoy the first part of our trip with robert and lorna (nanny and poppy) but they had to get home to take care of some unfinished "stuff". now rob and i will find out what vacationing with five small kids (without help) is all about. i guess this will determine our future vacation plans. so far our biggest problem is ollie!!! he won't stop crying and saying MAMA!! cute at first, not so cute after more than 30 minutes nonstop! 

Thursday, April 3, 2008


missy, scott, ben, grammy and all the boots at the christening.

here is nico at the pinewood derby! we had two cars, so nico raced the faster one and they let jakob race the other car. the orange car was the winning car!!


we had a very eventful month of march. most of our month was very family filled. At the beginning of the month we watched my sister's son Beckham be baptised into the catholic religion. this was all very new to my kids, considering the only religion they thought existed was LDS. it caught nico by surprise to see the priest covered in robes and all his catholic "apparel". luckily my children did not say anything inappropriate or embarrassing. Further in the month we got a visit from melanie and mya, then melissa and trent flew out with all the kids. we finally got to meet baby ruby rose. she is is sweet. all the kids had a blast playing together and hated saying goodbye. we had about a week of no family and then we got a very unexpected surprise visit from nikki and adam and all of their kids. nikki loves surprises and has been planning this for weeks. it was so fun to see them and to watch all the kids play. unfortunately while they were here, just about everyone came down with the flu, so we didn't get a whole lot of fun quality time together. needless to say, easter was full of mostly recovering from being sick. it was so good to see everyone and to be a part of all the family fun this time. i am so glad my kids got so much cousin time. once all the visits settled down a little bit, we got back to day to day life. sofia turned three years old, the kids celebrated st. patricks day by wearing green to school and jakob wore his leprechaun face stickers. we got to go to jakob's school for science night and see all of the great projects and activities that they have been working on. this school is so good for him and he is having so much fun and enjoying school so much. throughout the month rob and nico worked on nico's pine wood derby car. it paid off very good, because nico's car won first place. rob ( and nico) were so excited and so proud of all their effort. our big news of the month though even more than the pine wood derby news (i know, hard to believe anything could be bigger than that!), is that sofia is FULLY POTTY TRAINED!!! i am down to ONE kid in diapers. it took a good 5 days for her to get the hang of it and have no accidents, but she is out of pull ups for good!! i am so happy and she thinks she is so big. besides all of our fun family events for the month, we managed to do more yard work. rob had close to 30 loads of dirt delivered to our house. he had a bobcat to move all the dirt around, but in the meantime the kids had a blast jumping from all the piles of dirt. there clothes and bodies were covered in dirt, but they had so much fun. i have to say i was not too happy having clean up all that dirt that was trailed through the house. i also found a new obsession in the twilight books (thanks melanie) i finished all three in 2 weeks and am anxiously awaiting the fourth book. they are so good and it's all i can think about..... rob hopes to burn the books one day! for the most part, march was a lot of fun!!