Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I know it is almost thanksgiving, but i have to back track a little and catch up on things that have happened.... Nico started 4th grade this year, Jakob is now in 3rd, Annelies is a big 1st grader and my sweet Sofia is joining the school kids for the first time this year as a Pre-k(er). everybody is so excited to start the first day! ESPECIALLY NICO!! haha
Jakob thinks school is the best!
Sofia doesn't know what to expect and Annelies is always happy!
Oliver is thrilled to have me ALL to himself!


we have not one, but TWO birthdays in the month of september.... Annelies and Oliver celebrate their big days only 2 days apart, so it makes for lots of CAKE! i didn't think i would ever say i would be sick of cake, but september just about kills me. i have learned to get creative and switch up the deserts a little and the kids don't seem to mind. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNELIES AND OLIVER.


with the kids back in school, Ollie and i have had lots of fun times out and about.... one of my good friends Brittany and her little man Zack invited us to the GA aquarium. we had so much fun looking at all the fish and even petting some of them. it is so fun to spend one on one time with my little ollie! he is getting so big.


The rain in GA has been merciless!! our backyard turned into a lake and practically got washed away. we are working to repair the damage, but have a lot to do. the kids thought it was pretty cool to have a "pool" in the backyard until they saw that many of their toys were GONE, their trampoline was wrapped around the trees, the fire pit was GONE and all of our yard furniture was buried under lots and lots of dirt. i have never seen anything like this as long as i have lived in GA- (28 years). it was amazing to see the damage A LOT of rain left behind. we still have many roads around us that are closed and plenty of repairs being made around us. it will be a long road to recovery.... and the rain is still falling!



due to all the GA rain, we have had lots of opportunity to dance in the rain! the kids LOVE it.