Sunday, September 21, 2008


every girl must start out her birthday with a bubble bath!!
annelies loved the bunnies
Ollie was not too sure, so grammy helped
justin, jakob and the duck!

What a blast!!! we had so much fun celebrating annelies and oliver's birthdays. it took months of preparing and a lot of hard work, but the end result was worth it. we had all the kids friends and families out and had a big cook out. we had pony rides, a petting zoo and lots of great food and friends to share it with! Annelies got lots of great gifts and Ollie didn't do too bad himself. the kids took a swing at the much anticipated pinata and almost trampled on each other to get the candy. poor annelies walked away from the circle with 2 pieces of candy and some tears down her face, but her friends were generous and shared! it all ended up being just perfect. the weather couldn't have been better (thank goodness). annelies also got a brand new bike from her mommy and daddy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNELIES AND OLIVER!!


the birthday girl
the birthday boy
nico being an outlaw
jakob is not quite sure what to do
and Oliver is very happy with his food and juice

*** sorry for the lack of sofia in these pictures..... she is not too into animals!


all the beautiful ponies
ollie takes a wack at the pinata
nico tries to bust it open
the kids go for the candy 
the beautiful cupcakes!


make a wish annelies and oliver!
all the happy cowgirls.... and ollie and nico
wrapping up the present opening
annelies' new bike from mom and dad
   little ollie's new favorite toy 

from my friend robin and her girls

Thursday, September 18, 2008


so Ollie's favorite treat is donuts (do do's). since i was not up to making a cake and knew we would be making cupcakes for the birthday party on saturday, i decided to make a 'do do cake'. it was perfect. ollie got to blow out his candle and eat as many donuts as he wanted. he loved it!


                 he loves to play outside!
this is his favorite thing to do EVER!

Ollie had the best two year old birthday ever. he started out his day at McDonald's where he got to play and eat some yummy breakfast. he then went to payless shoe source and got a great new pair of shoes to play outside in. later her got to go to the park and play with all of his friends from church. next, ollie needed a little break, so we went home where he laid in his crib until mommy wasn't looking, then he climbed out and went to play in the playroom. after he got caught playing with thomas the train, he went and watched sofia at gymnastics. finally the kids came home and he played outside until dark! this is the perfect day for our little ollie..... play, play, eat, play some more..... NO NAP.... and play a lot more!!! 

Ollie opened all of his presents after we ate some yummy pizza. he LOVES trucks. especially when they have a trailer attached, so this was perfect. he also got a swing in the shape of a car and a couple of really great books. he loves to read. he is such a fun boy and he had a really great second birthday. he is getting so big.


when did she get so big? i can't believe she is almost SIX years old, in kindergarten, and LOSING HER TEETH!!! where does the time go? she has lost two teeth in two days and racking up on the tooth fairies money! this girl is getting rich. she is in love with her new smile and immediately asked if she looked cute once her tooth was finely out. i have to admit, now that the blood is gone and it doesn't look so new, she is pretty darn cute. 


the kids love four wheeling. annelies is getting the hang of the little red four wheeler and Ollie LOVES riding the mule with rob. so since rob decided to aerate the yard, the kids decided to make it into a family affair.

we also decided to purchase a new playground for the kids. now that it is starting to cool off a little, ollie and sofia spend all day outside and once the big kids get home from school, i don't really see them until dinner. it is so nice!!


rob doesn't get a lot of time with all the kids, but lately he's been at home a lot and the kids have been getting a lot of daddy time. THEY LOVE IT!! 

Friday, September 12, 2008


Annelies has a 'friend' on the bus who thinks it is a great idea to tell her ghost stories. The first day she did this, Annelies came home almost in tears and i was able to easily settle her nerves by telling her that ghost are not real and it's just a story..... It worked for a short time and then the next day came around and sure enough the little girl tells her yet another ghost story and now she has another friend helping her out. I immediately called up the girls mother and explained to her what was going on hoping this would help. IT DIDN'T WORK! Annelies is now terrified to sleep in her own bed or be upstairs by herself. Apparently the little girl told Annelies that ghosts come through the bedroom window. Can you guess where Annelies' bed is? Yup, right next to the window! 

This morning i spoke to the bus driver about separating the girls, so we will see if that works, but for now i've got one scared little girl!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


on tuesday rob and i had our morning filled with doctor's appointments. rob and jakob had a visit to the dermatologist and Oliver and Annelies had their yearly checkup. Everything went fine and then we got the call from upstairs at rob and jakob's appointment with the news that jakob would be getting a mole removed. poor kid, i swear if it is going to happen to anybody, it will happen to him. the doctor looked at the mole in question and decided immediately that it needed to be gone. so as soon as me and the girls and ollie made it to the room, the doctor was there with his trey of surgical instruments. jakob saw the needles and blades and started panicking and throwing up. once settled down, they numbed the area and sliced the litter bugger off of his thigh. Jakob is now left with a nice looking chunk out of his leg.