Wednesday, April 29, 2009


8 and 1/2 years ago, Jakob was born with a virus called Cytomegalovirus (CMV). We were fortunate enough to be involved in a church surrounded by doctors and specialist that could answer many of our questions. for one~ what is CMV? another blessing was that the CMV specialist for the CDC was in our ward and also the head of children's surgery at Egleston. God had placed us in this ward for a reason and we were quickly finding the miracles. i have been in contact with my friend Mike (CDC specialist) over the years. He has done an article about CMV with Jakob's story, he uses Jakob in his presentations  and now he has asked me to give a speech at the FIRST ANNUAL walk and roll for CMV. i am very excited. on top of that, i was interviewed for our local newspaper, telling Jakob's story and promoting the walk. it is very exciting and i am very grateful to be able to make people more aware of this devastating virus! we are very lucky that Jakob's case is not more severe. The Lord has blessed our family and i am happy to be able to give back and hopefully someday help find a CURE or immunization for CMV. come out and walk with my family!!!!

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Friday, April 17, 2009





we had a really wonderful spring break. it started out with an AMAZING stake conference with some extremely powerful messages that i felt spoke right to my heart! 

Spring break week started out with a fun family home evening at the movie theatre to see MONSTERS vs. ALIENS. the kids loved it and i can't wait until it comes out on DVD. with 5 potty trained children, i spent a lot of my movie time in the bathroom. (maybe not such a good idea to get TWO LARGE soda's!!) Rob treated us all to some home made french fries and fried chicken when we got home! YUM..... not very nutritious, but fitting for some fun family time. 

i took the kids to see my Nana in Alabama. She loved seeing all the kids, but did not put up a fight when we said it was time to go. the kids LOVE seeing her and exploring her house for fun 'stuff'! the kids made the 6 hour round trip great and rob was relieved when we made it home safely.

on Thursday, the kids all had friends over for a BIG spend the night party. they all arrived around noon. We had a great time with an easter egg hunt, a movie and some yummy lasagna dinner. Nico and his friend Bill put on several little skits to entertain the younger kids. they got all dressed up with face paint and everything. all ten kids spent most of the time outside until they were soaked from the hose that nico and bill were chasing them around with, so off to the bath we went! you can't have a fun spend the night party without an enormous bubble bath! FINALLY, lights were out around 11:00 and lights were back on at 6:30! how do kids have so much energy SO EARLY! 

we finally pulled rob away from work long enough to do a mini vacation up to Tennessee where rob's friend has some land with horses. it was freezing and we did not come prepared for such cold weather, but we made due and still had a great time! we went horse back riding and swimming at the hotel, had a cook out and road around the land on the ranger with the kids. Thanks Tom for a great time!!! 

the weekend ended with Easter dinner with my mom and brother. We then packed up the car and made our way down to Peachtree City to visit with Lorna (Nanny) for more easter fun. the kids had a fun easter egg hunt and found each of there baskets that the easter bunny left hiding in Nanny's back yard. 

we had such a great week! it is always nice to have the kids at home and spend time together and just relaxing!