Saturday, February 16, 2008


me shooting rob's gun

mandy's turn

rob and joe checking out our shooting abilities

rob and i met up with friends of ours to go out last friday night. we had a good time. the boys took us to the shooting range and let us girls have a try at shooting rob's gun. i was not happy with that gun. it was too heavy and the kick back was too strong not to mention the amo would often come back and hit me and mandy in the head and leave gun powder all over us. i think the next time i shoot, rob will have to get me a cute little gun that is more my size. did i mention i broke a nail!! it was a fun night and after all the shooting, we ate at a yummy brazilian restaraunt and then finished the night with brusters ice cream (YUM!!) and lots of fun stories from Joe. 


Joe, Mandy & Sierra Smith said...

where is the picture of you smiling back with the gun in your hands?!
(you have to give the people what they want)

and "lots of fun stories from Joe" doesn't sound as ominous as it should...but i get the hint. i'll try not to monopolize the conversation in the future! :)

PS-i look fat in that picture. gross.

Rob, Shanna, and the Fabulous Five said...

i LOVE your stories Joe!!! please don't stop. you are hilarious and very animated in your story telling!!