Saturday, February 16, 2008


mommy's little helper!

licking there spoons and enjoying every minute.

we do not ever make a big deal about valentine's day. usually we get a little treat for the kids and have a nice dinner. this year was completely unexpected. first of all me and the girls made our favorite treat. CUPCAKES! the girls love baking with me and they especially love licking the spoons afterwards. they got really creative this year with decorating the cupcakes. we used hot pink icing and they got to sprinkle each cupcake. 

later in the day rob and nico came home with a beautiful vase of tulips (yellow and red).  they also announced that i would not be making dinner that evening. me and the girls were to dress up and get ready for dinner while rob and the boys decorated the dining room like a restaurant and served us girls a fabulous dinner. i got to sit down with two beautiful little girls and watch them act like little ladies. nico and jakob were so cute waiting on us and taking our orders. jakob would come to me every 5 minutes asking me what i want and then giving me a great big kiss once i told him. we were later served our steak, potatoes and fresh garden veggies. the cutest part was annelies' prayer to bless the food where she said..."heavenly father, please bless the food to make us strong, grateful for this beautiful restaurant and help us to always be a princess! amen."  the whole night was so cute and even included a lovely dance number from the boys. for dessert we were served a tray of cheesecake that eventually got dropped on the floor by nico who was trying so hard to balance it like a true waiter. it was a wonderful night and rob is so sweet to put something so special together for us girls. i know it will be something that his daughters and me will always remember. i think the boys enjoyed it just as much!


The Tait Family said...

you know i've been impressed with robbie. he's got some good tricks up his sleeve. all the husbands should read this and about your b-day to get ideas!!!