Thursday, February 28, 2008


yet again we have had another great month. time goes by so fast and the kids are getting so big! we had a very eventful month of guitar lessons, basketball banquets, boy scout blue and gold banquet, a birthday and so much more that i'm sure i am forgetting. the kids did not have school on monday so me and some friends decided to take our kids to the indoor water park to help pass the time. it was a brilliant idea except for the fact that the actual water park did not open until 3:00, but lucky for us the kids were happy to play in the lap pool!

another exciting thing that is happening at our house is all the wonderful murals mysteriously being left on our walls and furniture! sofia is such a busy little, sneaky little munch-kin.  she is very aware that she is being naughty, but the act of making art is so much fun that she doesn't care. if you can't see the beautiful black markings all over the dresser, that is why i have a picture of this up. this is her latest masterpiece.... luckily the magic eraser made it disappear!

we live on about 2 1/2 acres and the boys are very curious as to what else might be living on the land with us! so with rob's help, they set out a trap only to catch an ugly, disgusting opossum! this thing was hissing and on alert the whole time we were observing it. the boys were so proud and nico even gave it a name. unfortunately we released it back into the yard and the boys were a little disappointed. apparently the opossum is harmless and is as scared of us as we are of them.
the kids got a surprising visit from uncle ben (my brother). the girls were so excited to have him spend the night and jump on the trampoline and do everything they told him to. nico made it his job to tell ben the dangers of smoking and anything else pertaining to the word of wisdom. jakob and ollie were just happy to see uncle ben and to play with them!

to finish up the month we of course had rob's birthday.... which was fun and exciting and the kids had so much fun planning for it. we also took the kids out of school on tuesday and took a road trip to alabama to say goodbye to my papa. it was so good to see my cousins and visit with family i hadn't seen in a while. my papa looked so nice and the service was just how he would have wanted it. unfortunately the weather was not cooperating and made for a very cold and wet day! the kids were all very curious as to what was in the wooden box in the room. so annelies being very brave, walked up to take a peak and came back quickly to report that she saw papa murphy in the box! it was quite funny how she said it. they all did very well and nico even kept his composure, which was surprising to both rob and i. 

all in all it was a great month and we did a lot of fun things! 


Will & Natalie Giddens said...

Everett's been doing the same thing to the walls! It's driving me nuts.

Adam said...

your so good about updating your blog. its nice to see and read about everything happening in the boot house hold sence we can't physically be there.

The Tait Family said...

that last comment was from me not adam. i don't know why it said adam.

The Tait Family said...

Riley would have so much fun at your house. we need to get out there.

julie said...

2 1/2 acres! My kids would be in hog heaven. But what would I do if I needed eggs in a pinch...? :)

Rob, Shanna, and the Fabulous Five said...

oh- we have soooooo many eggs!!! we are having to give them away. i love living here. we are researching pigs, goats and sheep too. those are our next addition to the farm. possibly even a miniature pony!!

The Tait Family said...

boy who needs to go to the zoo when we can come to your house.

Joe said... cute, and so wicked!
Nico should've cleaned and eaten that possum, isn't that a Gwinnett county delight?