Wednesday, July 2, 2008


the kids had so much fun catching fire flies. they tried to catch enough to be able to light up the whole room! it didn't quite work, but it was fun watching them try.

Brett's friend Justin has been spending most weekends with us and the kids have LOVED it!! Annelies has a huge crush on him and melts whenever he says her name. she always makes sure to wear her best and make sure her hair is done just right. it is very cute!!

Our cat Miley has gone MIA, but we luckily kept one of her kittens that we lovingly call Rascal.

Sofia is so happy to sit and watch Ollie and Nico skate board. she is so cute!

Rob wanted to show us his new office space/warehouse and the kids had a blast skate boarding around the warehouse and back docking area. Ollie got all scraped up trying new tricks.


Mama Nash said...

good job boys! take pics of the new warehouse!

Joe said...

where's the pics of Ollie's injuries?

we want blood.

The Tait Family said...

that is so funny about annalies just imagine how she'll be when shes gets older with all of nico and jakobs friends. no sleep overs!!!