Friday, July 11, 2008


Annelies after kindergarten camp
Jakob and his 'buddy' on the moonwalk
sofia and jakob in the inflatable airplane
annelies proudly riding the pony
Jakob and his 'buddy', Shawn

this week has been a whirl wind of activities..... my cousin molly came for a visit, annelies had kindergarten camp, which she LOVED and now can't wait for school to start and  Jakob had his first week of camp. i have been so busy getting kids to there camps and then entertaining the ones that are home.... i am pooped!

we had an exciting week of activity while jakob was at camp.... we took the kids (minus jakob) to the aquatic center where annelies and nico disappeared to the huge water slides the whole time and oliver and sofia had a blast chasing eachother in the water. on thursday we went to our neighborhood pool and then watched some movies during a thunderstorm. 

Friday at Jakob's camp is carnival day and they blow up slides and jumpers and have popcorn and snow cone machines. They also bring in a petting zoo and pony's to ride. the kids had a blast and even Ollie loved riding the ponies. Sofia was happy just to feed the pony. it was a very fun way to entertain the kids for free!! 


melanie said...

sounds like fun! i'd be going to that aquatic center every day if i lived closer.

The Tait Family said...

that was all free!!! i wish we had somthing like that here. looks like they had fun. your summers almost over isn't it? thats wierd ours is not even half way over yet.

SHANNA said...

yeah- it was all free except for the actual camp that was $25!!! school starts back aug. 11.