Friday, July 11, 2008


Nico has always been one with a very big imagination. he loves going outside and reliving what he sees on TV or the movies or makes up his own games.... These days his biggest thing is to be Indiana Jones. We as a family watched all of the 3 previous Indiana Jones movies to prepare for the new one (which we still have not seen!). He has been addicted to the movies and to anything Indiana Jones related...... he even put together the perfect costume that came straight from his closet and rob's accessories and a nice bag that grandma boot made him a while ago. he will play outside for hours trying to rope his whip around a tree to swing on it or just go hiking through our backyard pretending he is on a treasure hunt. one day he came home with his bag full of rocks, glass pieces and other found treasure from the yard. i love Nico, i mean indiana..... he is so funny!!


melanie said...

haha. cute nico.

The Tait Family said...

thats so funny cuz i can totally picture robbie doing that when he was little. hes a little robbie jr!

Louise said...

Cute Nico! I love Indiana Jones and a kid with a great imagination! You guys are having a fun summer!