Friday, June 27, 2008


Lately i have been letting Annelies completely dress herself. she is in control of her wardrobe. let me just tell you why i have handed over all control to this little stinker..... she is a pain to satisfy in the clothing department! 

every time i choose something absolutely perfect for her she 'claims' it is too itchy. EVERY-THING IS ITCHY!! i even let her choose her clothes and shoes at the store. she promises she will wear it all the time, but still i have the same issue. 

tonight i asked her as we were once again looking for something to wear, "annelies, why are all of your clothes so itchy?"

her reply, "it's the buttons.... they are all so itchy."

i say, " but you won't wear this dress, it doesn't have buttons. why does this one itch you?"

her reply, "it has straight lines!"

WHAT?!? give me a break. 

now all she will wear is this long, pink ruffle skirt and a tank top that doesn't even match!


The Tait Family said...

i remember when we were at the cabin and she was throwing a fit about her shoes because they were to itchy. i think it took like 15mintues to where she finally was able to walk in them. thats so funny how she does that. well i guess its not funny to you but for me it is. LOL!!! good luck with that one. if paige wears something that doesn't match i just tell her that the other girls don't like playing with girls that don't have matching clothes. snd she says fine and changes. it works for us. tskr pictures of some of the outfits. i'm sure they are so funny.

Joe said...

i can fix this one with a fire extinguisher, nail clippers, and some duct tape.

i'll help you out this

Cheyenne said...

Same issue with Keaton. I pick out adorable clothes for her and she claims they are "so itchy." She acts like the shirts are trying to kill her. I just take them and tell her "That's fine. I'll just take them and give them to a kid who really needs them." I have been letting her pick out her clothes and get herself ready for quite some time now because of the same thing. I feel your pain. :)

SHANNA said...

it must be a murphy thing!!! thanks nana!!

Anonymous said...

easy solution leave her naked, they should be naked 24/7 until 16 anyway