Wednesday, July 2, 2008


last weekend we went to Briscoe Park. you may be thinking oh- big deal, but to me it was. this park is just about 20 minutes from our house and we NEVER go here, but friends of ours invited us to go feed ducks with them and this is where we ended up. 

It was so surreal to be where i spent my childhood and here i was taking my own children here. i remember taking swim lessons at the pool and being the only 4 year old brave enough to jump off the high dive, or the time my grandpa took us to feed the ducks and i fell in the lake. i remember climbing on the playground and going to summer camp, eating picnic lunches and just being a kid. 

then i got older and i became a camp counselor for FOUR straight summers. it was so much fun! we went swimming everyday, we organized crafts, played fun games, went on great field trips. we had summer crushes and got GREAT tans and made great friends. i cherrish these memories and it was so neat to visit this park again and tell my kids about the fun times i had at Briscoe Park. 

I'm sure some of the ducks that the kids fed were from when i was a kid!! they were SOOOO old!!


Mama Nash said...

Love the clothing!!! The kids are getting so big!

Joe said...

at my summer camp, our counselors were overweight, unshaven, hippies.
(esp. the chicks)

-thanks a lot Mom and Dad.

Louise said...

How fun. It's such a weird feeling to take your kids to our own childhood hang outs! It makes me feel way to young to be rearing my own.

The Tait Family said...

that sounds kinda like girls camp. sounds fun. you look so cute shanna.

Sarah Buma said...