Sunday, November 18, 2007

it has been a crazy two weeks, we are preparing for thanksgiving and Jakob had his IEP (his education plan) and now we are planning on moving him to a new school and steering away from sign language. because the school that he will go to is so close to us, we are going to be moving nico and eventually annelies there as well. this will be so great for the kids. jakob's cochlear implant has been SO successful that we are going to start dropping sign and focusing on speech. super exciting. he has come a long way!!! those of you who haven't seen him in a while would be amazed. Nico is so excited for the school change, he has a very strict 2nd grade teacher this year. they go outside maybe once a week and they do A LOT of testing and paper work.... BORING!! jakob's birthday is on monday and he is soooo excited. he is counting down the days and sings himself the happy birthday song everyday. he has put his spider-man cake order in and wants hamburgers and french fries for dinner. poor little guy is suffering right now with an abscessed tooth. his jaw is really swollen and strange looking!! he is not letting that interfere with his birthday excitement. Ollie is enjoying all the excitement in the air. he is so cute, he found a pencil the other day and decided to join nico in homework time. he is of course sporting knuckleheads from head to toe!


Nash Family said...

Ollie is so cute! I wish I knew him! Love the outfit...what a cute lil man!!