Wednesday, November 28, 2007

our fun thanksgiving weekend

our thanksgiving was so much fun. we spent time up at rob and lorna's cabin in the blue ridge mountains. we got to visit with melanie and tyson (once tyson got there) and all the kids had a blast. my kids LOVE spending time with there cousins which doesn't happen often. finally we ate an amazing thanksgiving meal with two huge turkey (lots of left overs), rolls, potatoes, brussel sprouts and my yummy sweet potatoe souffle. YUM!!! it was a very fun weekend. once we were home, rob and i took the kids to the yellow river game ranch where all the animals are out of there cages and just roaming around the property. the kids got to pet and feed the animals. they had so much fun and ollie was in heaven just being outside!!! it was great family time and it is always so rewarding as a parent to see your children having so much fun!