Saturday, November 10, 2007

our new campfire

We are in the process of finishing and upgrading our yard. first we took out all the bushes and are now putting in an irrigation system. (now that we have a HUGE drought in GA, we can't do much with the sprinkler system and we can't put any plants in.) Rob spent a lot of time building a new dog kennel and it is finally complete!!! Next we are planning on putting in a nice pavillion with outdoor seating and a great grill and kitchen area. next to that will be the basketball court!!! it will be an amazing backyard when it is all done, but in the meantime, rob built a pretty amazing fire pit in the back of the yard by the creek. it is huge and we got to enjoy it friday night for a fun family evening. rob told a funny ghost story and we roasted marshmallows and hot dogs. we finished the night with a really yummy peach cobler made under hot coals in the dutch oven. sooooo good. nights like this are priceless. once we were done with our fun outside family time, rob and the boys stayed up playing guitar hero III and me and the girls crashed in my bed watching the wizard of oz.


The Tait Family said...

oh that sounds so nice. i love roasting want a smore? some more want a smore? can i have some more if i have had anything...smalls your killing me!!! what movie is that from...anyone anyone!!!