Sunday, November 11, 2007

potty training frustrations!!

It has now been a good 2 months since we have introduced potty training to sofia. we have done the potty dance, we have done treats, we have tried reasoning with her, we have tried EVERYTHING!!!! i am willing to try whatever anyone else might have up there sleeves. i have never had a child this stubborn before. HELP!!!


Nash Family said...

I have no advise....we have the same frustrations at our house....I say back off until she is ready and wants to do it.

Louise said...

Hi Shanna,
I was blog stalking and saw you on Melissa's link list and had to check it out! Your family is so cute and growing up so fast! -and your yard sounds like a kids haven! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

let me lick her p-ssy for her as a treat if she pees, she will potty train really quick