Wednesday, November 28, 2007

jakob is going under...AGAIN

well- tomorrow (thursday) jakob is going in for yet another surgery. this time it is concerning his acid reflux. jakob has a lot of problems with vomiting under stress or in extreme excitement, sooooo..... the GI doctor is going to place a small chip at the top of his esophagus to measure the acid levels and the damage that is being done to his little body. this will make his 2nd surgery in the past month so i am a little nervous, but he is always so brave. he is very good at getting as much sympathy as possible after all is said and done. wish us luck and say a little prayer.


Nash Family said...

ahh..poor guy! Give him kisses for us!

Louise said...

We'll be thinking about you. Hope everything goes well. The hospital staff will spoil him rotten- he's so dang cute!