Tuesday, June 17, 2008


thanks for all the suggestions. it is a hard decision. i think at this point i am just going to wait and see. with jakob there are not a lot of options. i can't just drop him off anywhere and go on with my day...... i am going to see about getting someone to come to the pool with me to be in charge of Oliver and Sofia. that way i can be one on one with jakob and be ready if he shows signs of throwing up. HIS MOST FAVORITE THING TO DO IS SWIM!! so it is very hard to take that away from him. i called the doctor and made the first available GI appointment. that is about the extent of my abilities at this point. if it happens again, i will have to get more creative i guess!! thanks again for all the support and advice and keep it coming. 

*** note*** jakob's teacher just sent me info about a special needs camp taking place in july that is just down the street from us!!! interesting how things work out!!


Rboot said...

Robbie went to a 'special camp' too when he was young.

Joe said...

^^yeah, Girl Scout camp.

melanie said...


SHANNA said...

very funny joe. I'll remember that the next time we go shooting!
- Rob(bie)