Thursday, June 12, 2008


nico was not up for singing, he played the shy card!!

 our wonderful host

 the 'clown' of the show!

Our power went out for TWO hours last night. luckily it was still light outside, so we didn't really need candles and flashlights in the main part of the house. our first mission was to get prepared for an all night outage, so we scavenged up all the flashlights and candles just in case. next we set up a BIG picnic blanket in the family room and ordered pizza for a 'pizza picnic'. We then grabbed our flashlights to go on a kitten hunt. this was fun because the basement (where we are keeping the cats for now) is pitch black. we found those silly kittens in the most interesting spots, not where they were supposed to be. two little munchkins apparently left the basement door open and let the cats roam free. once our hunt was over i wasn't sure what to do next. i knew they wouldn't go for bedtime since it was only about 7 at night and the pool had to be closed because of the thunder (no rain). so i quickly suggested family music night. the kids were ready and turned it into american idol of course. it was fun to see them make up songs and dance together and fight over who's turn it was. Jakob finally stepped in and took over the role of host and then decided for himself who would be next to 'perform'. we had so much fun. unfortunately my camera was not willing to fully cooperate and i got some very pixally pictures. but you can get the idea of the fun we had anyways.


The Tait Family said...

you know for some reason its always more fun when the lights go out.

julie said...

Ditto what Nikki said. I love it. For a few hours, anyway!

I need to hang out with you guys. Your family is a mirror image of mine! So funny!

Mama Nash said...

how fun!! We can't wait to see you guys in december, we just got our tickets, we will be there for 8 days!!!

Joe said...

i know this is the BOOT family blog...

...but when i was 13 and our power was out my parents gave us candles in little 6-inch clay potting dishes.
my friend and i promptly built a mini-bonfire of popsicle sticks, toothpicks, and plastic spoons.

the next day when we lifted the dish from the MIDDLE of the floor...there was a perfect circle of plywood and the carpet was completely melted to the dish. we colored the wood the same color as the carpet but still got the beatings of our lives.

ah, the remembered joys of childhood!


so, who won "boot idol"? looks like ya'll had so much fun!

SHANNA said...

wow melis- EIGHT DAYS!!! i can't wait.

joe- your childhood just keeps sounding better with each story!! poor joe and randy!!

Rboot said...

Where was Robbie? He was always good for a laugh while performing songs. Who won? By the way I hate having to figure out the word verification thing, I can barely make out the letters. Sometimes it takes me 3 or more tries!

SHANNA said...

thats because you old and blind!
- robbie