Sunday, April 27, 2008


If you haven't heard about this book yet.... i suggest you go and get it. i have never been one to recycle anything or go organic or really be all that concerned about the environment. i know i should be and my kids are always talking about recycling, but to be honest.... what difference will it make?? well that is my old way of thinking, after seeing oprah and hearing about pestisides and all of the other damaging chemicals in our food, make-up, clothes, cleaning products, bedding and just about everything around us,  i have decided to change my ways. this book is a great start to getting there and it even has a website to help with any questions or advice you might need. it is an easy 8 step plan that is realistic and doesn't turn you into a crazy tree hugging environmentalist! i am learning what is safe for me and my family and even have plans to grow an organic garden in my yard. i am excited to learn more about what i can do to help and maybe i will make a difference in the health of my family. i have posted a link to the website under my favorites if you are interested. happy recycling and remember to stay GORGEOUSLY green. that is important!

incase you don't feel like looking at my favorite sites.... the link is!!


The Tait Family said...

i'll let you try it first, then you can tell me if its worth it.

SHANNA boot said...

so far i am freaked out about everything i am discovering... it will definitely be worth it, it will benefit me, my family and my environment!

Joe said...

you communist.