Sunday, May 4, 2008


                                            this is the front yard with all the new plants, 
                                            the grass will come in later!

                                           this is our new front patio with our potted flower

well, it has been a long process from bringing in about 30 loads of dirt to having my mother- in- law come and design our landscape. it is finally finished and the outcome is a beautiful front yard. now we are moving to the back and will be adding a sport court and eventually an outdoor kitchen. so- who wants to stay at our house over christmas!!?


The Tait Family said...

looks nice-we will!

Mama Nash said...

looks great!!!

the MuLLinS said...

Oh! Oh! Me! Me!! I'll stay at your house!! Looks REALLY GREAT guys! It must be so nice to be so proud of how your house looks... one day, one day ;)