Thursday, November 19, 2009


Jakob has come such a long way since he was born. today he turns 9 and i look back and reflect on all this little man has accomplished. he is such an example to me and a huge blessing to our family. he teaches us patience and love and at times he reminds us to be prayerful. he is a special little guy and i am so grateful the Lord has blessed our family with him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKOB ANDERSON BOOT!!!

Jakob's birthday countdown usually starts on November 20th (yes, the day after his birthday). he LOVES, LOVES, LOVES his birthday!!! today started at about 6:30 for Jakob, even though he fell asleep around 10:30 because he was so excited about his birthday. he put his birthday pin on and put some $ in an envelope to buy ice creams for all of his friends at school. he was SO excited. when he got home, he pulled out all of the cards that his friends made for him at school. most of them said how great Jakob is and how much they love him.... and of course "happy birthday". For dinner, Jakob has asked for "cheese" hamburgers, french fries and macaroni and cheese. chocolate icecream and cake for dessert and for presents he wants.... in this order.... spider man 2 game, brown dog, scooby doo movies, bycicle and x-men game. he has reminded us of this EVERY DAY!!

Jakob- i hope you have a GREAT birthday!!!! you keep my life exciting and very interesting!! i love you so much.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Jakob! glad he had a great day!!

cheery disposition said...

:) great post! i think one day all your kids will go back and read your blog and be very thankful.

The Tait Family said...

Awwww Jakob HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! we remembered it was his b-day but forgot to call, i've had so many doctor appt this week its been crazy we'll call him today. love ya buddy.

Anonymous said...
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