Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Ollie got this right before our trip!
Jakob LOVES the water
indoor skydiving! SO FUN!!!
he LOVED this!
eating at the best icecream place EVER!

We decided to take advantage of the opportunity we had to go to Disney World for Brett and Sarah's wedding and make it our family trip for the year. we left a day early and spend a whole day at MGM studios where the kids had so much fun meeting their favorite characters from TV and riding some fun rides. it was so nice to spend some time with the kids with no distractions.

to make our vacation even more fabulous, we got to see Brett and Sarah FINALLY get married. the kids had so much fun dancing and playing.

we ended the trip with indoor skydiving. Nico had SOOOOO much fun! rob had a little trouble getting off the ground and i was PERFECT according to the instructor! melanie was terrified! it was pretty entertaining between Rob and melanie. and Andy did great!! we decided that next time we would have to do the real thing!


Kenda said...

Ok I have to know what happened to the boy's head!

SHANNA said...

bad babysitter experience! we'll leave it at that. needless to say.... she won't be back!

Kenda said...

Oh goodness! Well I am glad he's ok!