Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Well~ i guess since Nico is not into blogging anymore, i will tell about his most recent hunting experience. it has been quite the year for my little hunters this year. nico has been hunting with rob since he was about 5 and has yet to really see a lot of action. they got a deer here and there and a hog one year, but nico has never been old enough to be really involved UNTIL NOW! Rob took Nico hunting about two weeks ago and a few hours into their hunting i got a call from rob's phone with a little boy on the other end practically hyperventilating. the poor kid could barely breath. at first i thought something was wrong, but after a few minutes i realized his adrenaline was pumping and his emotions were positive. he was crying and laughing at the same time. Nico shot his first buck with rob's . . . as Nico says . . . THIRTY NOT SIX. it was so cute and i have to admit i was so proud of my son!!


Louise said...

wow! that's a really big deal!! love the thirty not six-cute!!

Rboot said...

Way to go Nico!!!!!

The Tait Family said...

cool. riley did want to go hunting with nico but i think he got traumatized from the incident at the cabin!!! now he if you ask him he won't answer!