Thursday, November 6, 2008


last weekend we took the kids (not jakob, he stayed home sick with justin) to our land up north. we took the four wheelers, and the guns for a little family time. we had a great time and the kids LOVED being outside all day. the weather couldn't have been better. sofia was rob's helper by pulling the clay pigeons while he shot them. nico drove annelies around on the four wheeler most of the time and me and ollie drove the mule around. we had a great time!


The Tait Family said...

i didn't know you guys had land somewhere else. fun. what are you planning on doing with it?

SHANNA said...

it is in a trailer park area, so it is just an investment. rob and his business partner got it for really cheap and want to turn around and make money off of it later.

melanie said...

justin stayed home with a sick jakob??? he's a brave man!!