Tuesday, November 18, 2008


             IN THE HOSPITAL (ICU)... my favorite picture ever!

what an amazing eight years we have had with this little miracle baby. i can hardly believe he's been in our family that long. it has really been a roller-coaster ride with this little guy, but i can honestly say that ever minute has been a blessing. we have seen Jakob grow from a scrawny little 5th percentile baby to a 90th percentile 8 year old. he has been through countless CT scans, MRI's, ABR's (measuring his hearing), double hernia surgery as a one month old, cochlear implant surgery as a two year old, tonsillectomy when he was 5, EIGHT teeth removed when he was 7, and countess other procedures that i've lost track of. surprisingly enough he is my easiest one to take to the doctor. he knows what to expect and takes it like a champ. 

Jakob still struggles with his speech, but lets nothing get in his way of doing what he wants to do. He does not let his disabilities prevent him from doing anything. he loves to bare his testimony at church and even though you can't make out most of his words, he always brings the spirit and several church members to tears. Jakob loves to make people laugh and especially loves to entertain his brothers and sisters. Jakob is a joy to have in our family and brings an amazing spirit to our home. i am a better mom  because of him and i know we are a better family because of him. what a blessing he is. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKOB!!!


Melody said...

I am a friend of Rob's & Melissa's from high school. I too have CP. I am now married & have 4 kids. Jakob sounds like a great kid with great parents! Happy birthday to Jakob!

The Tait Family said...

I wish i new him better. I always loving seeing jakob, he always gives me the best hugs! When is his baptisim?
I read what your mom wrote in the email about when he got his CP and robbie told everyone to be quite so he could hear your voice 1st. i never heard that before. it brought tears to my eyes. how thoughtful of robbie to let YOU be the 1st person Jakob hears! man tears again! how cool!

SHANNA said...

jakob will be baptised on december 27th. you guys will be there, but the nash's won't. they will still be in florida! i get teary eyed whenever i think of that story too. that was an amazing experience. we have it on video.... we can watch it when you come!

Alyson said...

Awe, I don't even know the whole story and that is the sweetest thing I've ever heard. You are am amazing mom and its no wonder you have such amazing children. Happy Birthday Jakob!!!!!

Joseph and Jacqueline Est. 1990 said...

A missionary from day one!