Sunday, May 4, 2008


we had so much fun on saturday. we decided that we would take all the kids to the bowling alley. it is something that everyone can participate in and it is a fun activity that doesn't leave me in the hall with the two smaller children. ollie had a hard time taking turns and spent most of the time throwing a tantrum until it got to his turn again. all the kids loved it and it made for a GREAT family night


The Tait Family said...

what the heck is that thing that ollie was using? i've never seen that before. that would make it easier for the little ones, thats for sure.

SHANNA boot said...

it's a bowling ramp and sofia and ollie loved it!!! they use it for special needs kids at special olympics (that's how i found out about it.) jakob doesn't use it though... he's too good!