Thursday, March 27, 2008


Me and Nikki looking beautiful!!


so we got an unexpected wonderful surprise last week. Nikki and Adam ( rob's sister) came for an  visit from Washington State!! They had brought their three little munchkins that my kids hadn't seen in two plus years. We had so much fun while they were here. We all went out to eat at our favorite mexican restaurant and then said our goodbye's until the next night. Nikki and Adam brought the family back to our house so the kids could play and us adults could catch up. Nikki and i prepared for easter and the boys watched some march madness. The next day rob and lorna came to meet the tait's to go to the cabin only to find out once they got there that it would not be as enjoyable as they had anticipated! Nikki, Paige and Annelies all came down with a nasty flu bug that pretty much ruined their trip while Nico, Jakob, Sofia and Ollie were all at home suffering from the same bug! It was no picnic. Unfortunately time and upset stomach's did not permit us to see each other again and they returned back to Washington. In the meantime, not only did the flu bug get spread around between everyone, riley shot annelies with the bb gun leaving quite the bruise and puncture wound. this will make for a great story for when they grow up!! 


The Tait Family said...

yeah next time everyone better take airborn and no bb guns around!!!

SHANNA boot said...

sounds good to me!!! wish we had more time, still makes me sad!