Tuesday, March 11, 2008


what a fantastically fun weekend. it started out on thursday night when we took a drive down to rob and lorna's to see the nash's. the kids instantly were all best friends and had a blast playing. nico and brooklyn picked up right where they left off and annelies and lilly were inseparable. otto and sofia got along great and this helped ease the constant squabbles between otto and lilly. then there's little mya who everyone wants to play with, but won't leave poppy's side. he is her personal jungle gym!! jakob had so much fun playing and interacting with everybody and loved playing school with brooklyn and nico. all in all- everybody had a great time and nico got to spend the night at nanny and poppy's which was great for him  because he got to miss school on friday. saturday i went to pick nico up and we brought back lilly to play with annelies. they had so much fun. then on sunday rob and i volunteered to give nanny and poppy a little break, so we invited all three nash kids to our house to spend the night. so sunday night melanie and nanny and poppy brought the rest of the kids up to spend the night. before leaving, nico and melanie dueled each other at guitar hero and it was pretty much an equal match. on top of that rob was sick with a cold (how convenient), so i was in charge of all eight kids. it actually was a lot of fun and the kids did a great job entertaining themselves. brooklyn had several art projects going on and got as many kids involved as possible and nico and jakob took the rest of the kids and watched movies and played in the playroom.  then bedtime rolled around and everyone was just fine squeezing in the guest bedroom to watch a movie and fall asleep. monday morning we all woke up and i made everyone waffles and we all got dressed and ready to go to the yellow river game ranch. while waiting on aunt melanie and nanny to meet us at the house, the kids played outside on the trampoline, rode the mule and played with the chickens.it was so much fun and the kids did not want to leave! oh- did i mention my car broke down and had to be towed away. that was fun, luckily it broke down at home so we weren't all stranded on the side of the road. that would have been interesting. once we got everyone filed into the petting zoo, they had a blast petting all the animals and feeding them crackers, carrots and peanuts. it was sad to say goodbye at the end, but it was so good to see them all together again!

i wish so much that my kids could have there cousins live closer. they have so much fun together, but i guess it makes the time that they do have together that much more special.


melanie said...

it was a great weekend huh? don't forget..i did beat nico 2 of 3 games AND i won the battle with Robbie!!! can't wait for nash to come out and play this summer!!


why does nico look like such a grump in all of the pics?

SHANNA boot said...

nico was a grump the whole weekend. he was exhausted. he doesn't deal with no sleep that good!!