Wednesday, April 28, 2010


i am FINALLY getting around to posting the boys pinewood derby photos. they had SO much fun creating these speedy cars with their dad and this time they actually got to be involved in the production process! Jakob created a spider man truck which won first place over the entire race and nico designed a perry the platapus car and won first place for his age group and 3rd place for the entire race. Ollie was able to participate after all of the official cars were run and he got to race his van halen car against his brothers! it was a fun and successful night for everybody.


Rboot said...

Good job boys....or should I say Robbie.

Derby Monkey said...

A big congrats to Jakob, Nico and Ollie (dad too) for some super cool looking cars and some great finishes. I especially like Pery the Platypus... Phineas and Ferb would be proud. The Spiderman Truck must have been super fast! The Van Halen car rocks! The Pinewood Derby is a great event... keep up the good work.