Wednesday, April 28, 2010


before the carriage ride

in front of the temple at night!

the old school house.... this was a REALLY interesting site.

at the visitors center

We made the most of our stay in Nauvoo. we visited ALL of the cute little historical homes, took the carriage ride, the wagon ride, watched the AMAZING movie in the visitors center, we spent some time in the family living center where the kids learned how to make home made bread in a brick oven, make rugs from scraps of fabric, make a rope and a barrel and candles and see how they made pottery. we also visited the brick house and the kids got a Nauvoo brick to bring home. when we visited the black smith each of us got a "prairie diamond" which ollie thought was the coolest thing ever. the prairie diamond is a ring made from an old nail. i think the kids favorite activity was the Rendezvous in old Nauvoo. this is the cutest little "play" put on by all of the senior missionaries, the kids loved it so much that we saw it twice! we had an amazing time and i can't wait to go back soon.


Rboot said...

Finally seeing Nico doing some work and lifting..