Thursday, March 18, 2010


We have finally had some fabulous, warm weather around here after our very unusually cold GA winter. Ollie and I decided to take advantage of the warmth by spending the day OUTSIDE!! we started by taking a brisk walk around our neighborhood. while we were walking i found a grave site from a local family in the area. it was very interesting how it had been preserved by a brick gate with houses built around it. We later ventured out to our local game ranch where Ollie got to hand feed all the animals and pet the deer and goat. he tried catching a bunny, but they weren't too friendly. it was sad to see the damage that had been done to the game ranch due to the flooding that we had back in the fall. the game ranch sits right on the Yellow River and the floods washed away anything that sat next to it. luckily none of the animals were harmed and the staff was able to save the animals that were in danger.

While we were there, the peacock decided to show off a little. it was BEAUTIFUL!!

On our way home, Ollie insisted that we visit a local tractor store. so being the good mom that i am, i took him in to see the big tractors. HE LOVES TRACTORS!!! i have never had a child have a fascination with anything this much. the men who worked a the tractor place let Ollie sit on them and he thought that was the greatest thing EVER! he was not the least bit scared and all the men were impressed at his lack of fear for these big monsters. all in all, we had a great day! i love my little guy and i cannot believe that my time with him at home is almost over!