Thursday, March 18, 2010


where does the time go? i cannot believe that my sweet baby girl is FIVE years old. we have watched her this past year blossom from an adorable little toddler to a sweet little girl. it is amazing the transformation they make between 4 and 5. she is her own little person and always has been. She keeps us laughing with her funny little faces and her silly jokes. She is such a sweet heart and is definitely daddy's little girl. Her Nanny and Poppy call her trixie and i have to say the name fits PERFECTLY. she loves to play tricks on you and knows exactly what she is doing. she is very sneaky, but not to be naughty, just because she can be. she is so fun to have around and brings so much life to our family! she is my SWEET SOFITA PITA!! happy birthday big girl!

** the picture of the little girl with Sofia is her friend Genevieve from church. she came with me to Sofia's school to surprise her and wish her a happy birthday!


Rboot said...

Happy birthday Sofia. We will see you soon.


Paige said...

hope you had a good b-day! did you get our message?

Anonymous said...

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