Sunday, July 26, 2009


notice Ollie in his Jammies.... better this than his underwear!

Rob and Nico went to tennesse with the dogs a couple of weekends ago and then they went fishing and to the job site the weekend after that, so me and the other four munchkins decided to go visit Grammy on both weekends. Mom and I had so much fun organizing her house and putting pictures on the wall. We have de-cluttered a lot of her "stuff" and only kept the essentials. i LOVE doing this! it is completely rewarding and it is way easier to get rid of other peoples stuff. while we worked, the kids played! they watched movies, helped bake brownies and took walks around the neighborhood. (thanks AVA!) One of the weekends we took the kids to a concert in Smyrna to see a group called MAGNO. they were pretty good and the kids had a great time dancing and playing. there were a lot of people with their dogs, so Jakob was in heaven. we love spending time with Grammy!!


skotandchristi said...

i love the pics you post of your family. you always look like you are having lots of crazy fun! :)