Sunday, July 26, 2009


I can hardly believe that i have been a mother for TEN years. my sweet little baby boy is now a big boy and i cannot believe how fast the time has gone. i can still remember the first time i saw him, how beautiful he was.... (others in the room had different opinions about this!), still the feelings i had were magical and like nothing else i had ever felt! i was a mommy and he was my baby. it was an amazing feeling. i have enjoyed watching him grow up and become the sweet boy that he is. he is an AMAZING big brother and an even more amazing son! i love how he still lets me kiss him in front of his friends or how he has to say he loves me A MILLION times before he leaves to go somewhere. i love how sensitive he is. i love how he laughs at my stupid jokes or how he thinks i know everything..... even though most of the questions i try to answer we have to refer to google! I LOVE MY TEN YEAR OLD BOY!!!

I must say he had a very good birthday. we got him his own puppy to train and eventually take to field trials. i made him an ice-cream cake, that turned out to be DELICIOUS!! and we had his favorite dinner..... STEAK! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICO!


The Schaefer's said...

Shanna, enjoy every moment. Before you know it, he'll be driving :c). Cute puppy, too. What breed is it? You'll have to tell Nico that both of my dogs know sign language--Sit, Lay down, stay, No...he'll have to teach your dog some sign, too :c)

Rboot said...

Nico seemed happy that day, enjoying all the attention.

julie said...

That must be crazy having a ten year old! I feel like Anna is practically a woman and she is just 7. You are such a darling mom. It's obvious how much you love what you do. Lucky, lucky kids.