Friday, June 12, 2009


All summer there has been nothing that Jakob has wanted more than to go on the boat. unfortunately it has either been too cold or too wet when we have planned to go. We got lucky this past weekend, when Melanie was in town, with some good weather. Jakob was thrilled and we had a great time with family! Nico got to wakeboard and got up with no problems..... the boys enjoyed a ride on the tube before we called it a day. Melanie, being 8 months pregnant decided to sit on the beach with mya and avoid the rough waters. we had a great time!


melanie said...

oh my heck.....a camera really does add 10 pounds... right???? i look horrible in that picture.

The Tait Family said...

i've been wanting to go to hte lake so bad but no one here has boats!

mel your prego you're suppose to look big!!!