Sunday, June 28, 2009


why is it that i am the ONLY one that the kids come to when they want a snack or anything at all to eat? why do they whine ONLY to me? why do i constantly hear, "mom, can i" or "mom, can you get me....." UGH!!!! it is exhausting and annoying to tell you the truth. and then i realized my husband does it too! i guess it is true that kids follow your example. i think i need a vacation, and i'm sure i will be fine tomorrow, but today i want a break!


Life in the Oliver Lane! said...

It's time for a lunch date! We could all use a good break from children durring Summer vaca. I promise not to call you Mom while we are out.

The Tait Family said...

my kids r the same, i think its just cuz we're home with them so they are used to coming to us. get a buddy pass and come out with brett!