Monday, March 16, 2009


A friend of ours has a wild and crazy son named Zack who my kids think is hilarious. he is almost two and has a TON of energy. he LOVES fish and all things aquatic, so his mom invited me, Sofia and Oliver to the GA aquarium. we have never gone as a family, so i thought this would be perfect to take the little ones to. Luckily my friend had a guest pass so i didn't have to pay a thing! it was so much fun. the aquarium is beautiful and we even got to watch one of the divers clean the tank and feed the fish. 


melanie said...

i love the aquarium!!!!

Joe said...

haha, Ollie in front of the jelly fish, such a little monster!

Colby Family said...

How fun! I want to take Noah sometime this year.