Monday, March 16, 2009


so now that i have shown you all how my hair looks, i will move on to more important things....... like what my kids have been up to. hey~ sometimes us moms need a little attention too! so we had a couple of surprises in the past few weeks. first of all Nico and Rob were playing football IN THE HOUSE which is never a good idea! Nico dove for the ball and caught his KNEE in the eye. needless to say it was black and he was mad! i got his spirits up by taking he and Annelies to their school president's day dance. we had a blast until sofia got caught in the 'mosh pit' of 3rd graders and got trampled. she came home with a free gift from the D.J.! that cheered her up a bit. 

We got a wonderful visit from some friends of mine (Maureen and Brett) from Michigan. it was so great to see them and Nico had a blast with their 11 year old son.
Annelies, Sofia and I had a fun time getting mad makeovers. annelies and sofia glammed me up with beautiful purple eyeshadow and some RED lips. Annelies had amazing blue eyeshadow and some awesome, groovy nail polish. sofia went oh~ natural with little make-up and multi-colored nail polish. we had so much fun.

the best thing of all was our snow day! the snow came down hard while we were at church on sunday and the kids had a blast playing in the slush when we got home. they were all SO excited when school was cancelled on Monday. we had a yummy breakfast and snuggled up and watched movies most of the day. it was nice to have a long weekend to just relax and not be able to go anywhere. 

it has been an eventful few weeks and a lot has happened. i am so happy to report that Nico is doing SO good at school. he has really had a hard time this year and we made a few adjustments and thankfully he is doing AMAZING! 


the MuLLinS said...

What a fun update! I love Annelies' bling and I'm so happy Nico is doing well in school! Way to go! You guys are too much fun.


I can't believe neither of us got a picture with Maureen and Brett. I even brought my camera!

The Tait Family said...

hahah thats funny that they canceled school with what 1in of snow! my kids have to go to school with 5 in or more of snow! i hate the snow!!!