Saturday, December 27, 2008


things were done a little differently this year. Rob is the oldest of six kids and his youngest sibling just got back from his mission, so the entire family came in for the holidays. it has been so much fun so far. on christmas eve we decided to take advantage of our land and take everyone out to go 4 wheeling and shooting. it was a lot of fun!!!! a little wet towards the end, but still a lot of fun. we ended up having to pull Rob's truck out of the mud. 

Christmas eve night was spent baking cookies, opening pajamas, spreading out reindeer food, reading little drummer boy and tucking in 5 very excited children. On christmas morning, Jakob is always the first one to wake up. i listened to him tiptoe downstairs while i stayed in bed. he is very expressive and dramatic and i could hear his surprise as soon as he saw the tree with all the presents and stockings. i then heard his foot steps coming back toward the front stairs only to realize he was unlocking the front door and opening it. he then says as loud as he can and at 7:30 in the morning, "THANK YOU SANTA!". how cute.

once all the kids get Rob out of bed and after they open their stockings and take the traditional picture on the stairs, the kids got to see what santa brought them. everyone was satisfied except Jakob. the only thing he wanted was the power rangers jungle fury movie and it was not there. (his grandparents had gotten it for him). we then cleaned up a bit, relaxed and got ready to do our traditional christmas meal at the Waffle House. we had a very relaxing day and enjoyed all the wonderful toys we got and watched our movies and just rested and recovered from the very busy Christmas we have had! MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE BOOTS! 


Colby Family said...

How cute, "thank you Santa"! That's funny. My mom said next year that we're going to the Waffle House- she's done cooking on Christmas!

The Tait Family said...

jakob is so funny! that was alot of fun. do you want to play california speed!!! hahahaha I still never got to go to checkers!!!

The Tait Family said...

i remember growing up and trying to wake robbie up on christmas morning. he was always the last one awake!
did you talk to robbie about the tickets?

SHANNA said...

i will overnight some checkers to you!! i wanted to go on new years eve, but ya'll got to our house too late. i talked to rob about the tickets and he thinks if i'm gonna go somewhere for that much, i might as well go to europe. tickets are cheeper.... we will see!