Tuesday, October 28, 2008


it is tradition for us to carve our pumpkins with my sister every year.... apparently! nico made sure to make it a tradition anyways, i guess we never realized it, but we do seem to do this every year. so on friday my sister and Beckham came over and when the kids came home from school i let them choose a pattern and i carved it. you can't see it, but annelies' pumpkin has hearts for ears! 


The Tait Family said...

cute. we never did pumpkins this year. I actually totally forgot to do them. we usually go to green bluff with adams family to get the pumpkins but never had the time this year for some reason.

cheery disposition said...

Hi Shanna,
Your blog is supercute and i love the picture of your children as the whole cast of the wizard of oz..lol. its awesome...Im still trying to figure out this whole blog thing...i still cant figure out how to have friends on here..lol.