Sunday, September 21, 2008


every girl must start out her birthday with a bubble bath!!
annelies loved the bunnies
Ollie was not too sure, so grammy helped
justin, jakob and the duck!

What a blast!!! we had so much fun celebrating annelies and oliver's birthdays. it took months of preparing and a lot of hard work, but the end result was worth it. we had all the kids friends and families out and had a big cook out. we had pony rides, a petting zoo and lots of great food and friends to share it with! Annelies got lots of great gifts and Ollie didn't do too bad himself. the kids took a swing at the much anticipated pinata and almost trampled on each other to get the candy. poor annelies walked away from the circle with 2 pieces of candy and some tears down her face, but her friends were generous and shared! it all ended up being just perfect. the weather couldn't have been better (thank goodness). annelies also got a brand new bike from her mommy and daddy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNELIES AND OLIVER!!


The Tait Family said...

how fun. to bad we weren't there. my kids would have loved it, except owen hes not fond of animals!


We had SOOOO much fun!!

Rboot said...

Sorry we missed it. Sounds like all had a great time.

Jessica M said...

How fun! Happy birthdays!

Anonymous said...

Annellies happy b'day sweetie,going to sloooooowly take down your knickers put my fingers in your p-ssy and get you nice n wet, then lick your gorgeous little bald p-ssy until you squirm under my tongue mmmmmmmmmmmmmm love your p-ssy