Thursday, September 18, 2008


                 he loves to play outside!
this is his favorite thing to do EVER!

Ollie had the best two year old birthday ever. he started out his day at McDonald's where he got to play and eat some yummy breakfast. he then went to payless shoe source and got a great new pair of shoes to play outside in. later her got to go to the park and play with all of his friends from church. next, ollie needed a little break, so we went home where he laid in his crib until mommy wasn't looking, then he climbed out and went to play in the playroom. after he got caught playing with thomas the train, he went and watched sofia at gymnastics. finally the kids came home and he played outside until dark! this is the perfect day for our little ollie..... play, play, eat, play some more..... NO NAP.... and play a lot more!!! 

Ollie opened all of his presents after we ate some yummy pizza. he LOVES trucks. especially when they have a trailer attached, so this was perfect. he also got a swing in the shape of a car and a couple of really great books. he loves to read. he is such a fun boy and he had a really great second birthday. he is getting so big.


The Tait Family said...

sounds like an owen day too. his b-day is next week and i have no idea what to get him.

melanie said...

he is getting so big. holy cow!!!

SHANNA said...

nikki~ if owen is anything like ollie, you should get him this series of trucks i found. ollie hasn't stopped playing with it since he opened it. he even took it to bed. it is by a company in england called WOW toys. google the name and you will find them all! so nice and durable.